Brain Cancer

Brain cancer happens when an abnormal cells growth in the part of the brain. It can starts from the brain cell, the membranes around the brain nerves or glands. All brain cancers are life threatening because of its invasive and infiltrative characteristic within the limited space of the intracranial cavity. The location of a brain cancers influences the type of symptoms that occur.


There are many kind of different symptoms for brain cancers. It can be from headache or stroke depending on the cancer’s location because different part of the brain control different functions. The best way to determine the existence of brain cancer is have the doctor run a brain test call MRI or CT scan. Below are the sign to be noted for a scan immediately,

  • a new seizure in an adult
  • gradual loss of movement or sensation in an arm or leg
  • unsteadiness or imbalance, especially if it is associated with headache
  • loss of vision in one or both eyes, especially if the vision loss is more peripheral
  • double vision, especially if it is associated with headache
  • hearing loss with or without dizziness
  • speech difficulty of gradual onset

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Alternative Treatment

Aside from the modern medication treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, many people are seeking alternative treatment for prevention, post surgical or even attempt to cure the cancer. This is because chemical based medication may resulted in other complication and discomfort for many people.

TheTole Acupuncture-Herbal Treatment Center is the top recommendation in alternative medicine. They have a world class Chinese Master with 145 years of practice and research inherited ancestral formula with thousands of different herbs in use.

Acupuncture is the master’s expertise with many of patients illness cured as prove. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that the part of the body with cancer is due to imbalance or disrupted ‘qi”. Stimulating this point can correct imbalances in the flow of ‘qi’. Acupuncture can also be use as pain management to relieve the post-surgical effect and it is widely used in oncology department all over the world. Chinese are famous to use acupuncture to regenerate their body immune system to fight against cancer.

Herbs are natural extract of roots, leaves and other parts of a plant. There are many different herbs all around the world which is keep in use in TheTole Acupuncture-Herbal Center. Combinations of different herbs are usually prescript for cancer depending on the types of cancer and body condition. An experienced master can prescript the most suitable herbs for the patients. Due to the variety, cancer of any kind may stand a chance to be dissolve.


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